Many people at some time in their life experience relationship difficulties. The application of psychodynamic therapy helps us to understand the unconscious reasons why we are attracted to and also eventually find problems with some of the people in our life.  You may find it easy to sustain friendships but wonder why you cannot always apply this to your romantic/ love relationships and visa versa.

Carl Jung believed that our relationships, both positively and negatively, are associated in some way with our early relationship patterns with our parents. Psychodynamic therapy helps by delving into the deeper unconscious patterns which result in sabotaging good relationships or constructing negative ones.

I see many clients who need help with resolving conflict with loved ones or finding and maintaining healthier relationships.

A Relationship Checklist

  1. Do I give or want too much in my relationships?
  2. Do I control or end up being controlled by others in my relationships?
  3. Am I able to be my real ‘Self’ with others?
  4. Am I too kind, or unkind?
  5. Do I mostly communicate my ‘feelings’ or my ‘thoughts’?
  6. Do I ‘invest’ time and thought each day into making my relationship healthy?
  7. I am often misunderstood or feel wronged by the other?

These questions will help you to start understanding what may be causing you relational difficulties. The process of therapy helps to uncover the hidden micro- interactions that cause difficulty. Simple changes to how you interact with others can change the dynamic of your relationship significantly.